The dog has diarrhea, what should I do?

Dogs often get diarrhea, especially if they are puppies or are newbies at home and they are suspicious and curious about everything. This issue is more common than we think,…


What can a dog with diarrhea eat?

Diarrhea is one of the most common disease for dogs, puppies as well as older ones. Usually, after the occurring of this issue, the veterinarian recommends making the dog fasting…


What can cause bad breath in dogs

Sometimes a bad smell could come out of our dog’s mouth, but it is not always a signal for serious problems. Sometimes it may be a teeth problem or it…


What can hurt our dog

We should never underestimate the risk that our dog can eat or drink something dangerous for it, especially if we are first-timers. When our dog is a puppy and even…


The most beautiful dogs in the world

The pets in our homes always seems the most beautiful to our eyes, even if they are slightly overweight, old or a little hairless. It’s undoubtably because of their physical…


The most obedient dogs in the world

An obedient dog is very is a pleasure to train according to owner inclinations. Undoubtably is easier to take out for a stroll or to play with a dog that…


My dog smells, what should I do?

Dogs’ skin is very delicate and it links the fur to the inside of the body. It may happen that the dog smells, for physiological reasons or for particular pathologies,…


What do dogs think

Dogs are very smart animals, that loves life in herds, communicate with us in a well sophisticated way, as well as how they actually think. Dogs brain is not so…


Is chocolate really dangerous for dogs?

Chocolate is toxic for dogs, undoubtably. At the beginning it may appear as a simple stomach weakness of our furry friends, but it actually is a serious intolerance to some…


Senile dementia in dogs

Dogs get old gradually, but at a given moment its appetite and its desire to do things as before change radically. With some precautions dogs can live a happy old…


What does the dogs tell us?

Dogs are adorable because they try to communicate with us, so after years of cohabitation owners can decipher even the most cryptic barking. What does the dogs tell us? Their…


What does it mean when my dog has a dry nose?

Dogs’ nose, which you can also call in a friendly way “truffle”, can give many information on our furry friends’ health. If it is dryer than usual you do not…


What can I cook for my dog?

The many type of foods you can find on the market are well-balanced and complete, but cooking for your own dog is a satisfaction you have to experience at least…


What to do when the dog bites the owner

The dog is a person best friend, but it also has its particular attitude, its privacy and moreover it needs specific restrictions. Showing teeth, growling and biting are the manifestations…


What does it mean when your dog gives you little bites

Every dog like biting little items or furnitures, not to mention hands and clothes of their owners. What does it mean this behavior? Dou yo have to encourage or discourage…


A closer look to GPS for dogs

Some dogs are very adventurous: just a moment and you will find yourself in your car trying to locate them and bring them home. GPS for dogs are a cheap…


How to tell if your dog is overweight

Even dogs’ metabolism can change according to age, hormonal factors, unbalanced diet, little movement or stress. As it happens for people, it is almost never an irreversible condition, you only…


Average price for a good GPS for dogs

Determining the price for a GPS for dogs is not an easy task, every brand offers different specs and performances. In determining it we have to thoroughly consider the cost…


Finding the best GPS for dogs

Choosing the best GPS for your dog means you have to buy a device with the best value for money for us and which is comfortable for it at the…


How to choose the right dog for your family among large dogs

An obedient large dog seems like a dream, but finding one is easier than you think. Their size makes those animals more self-confident, so they are less likely to adopt…


How long does the molt of the dog last?

It is not easy to determine how long does the molt of the dog last. This is a physiological phenomenon that lets the fur of the dog adapt to seasons,…


Happy Birthday furry friend! How to buy a perfect birthday present for your dog

It could appear a little bit crazy, but buying a birthday present for the dog at home is a moment to celebrate the joy it brings and to honor its…


Me and my dog at sea

Taking our dog at sea is a precious and entertaining experience, but we have to pay attention to some things so everything can go on smoothly for you two. Dogs…


What to buy for a dog

Have you decided to bring a four-legged friend in your family? Great! Happiness is spreading and everything should be at the proper place for its arrival. What should you buy…


How to clean dogs’ ears

On your daily cleaning you can’t forget to clean the dog’s ears. They can be long, short, high or saggy, it doesn’t matter, you should clean them regularly. But how…


What does it mean when the dog licks you

We are very aware that our four-legged friends love kisses and friendly licking. But there are many reasons behind this behavior. What does it mean when the dog licks you?…


What’s the purpose of whiskers in dogs

On our four-legged friends’ muzzle you surely have noticed some funny whiskers. Nothing is useless, so what’s the purpose of whiskers in dogs? Let’s find out. Why dogs have whiskers…


What does it mean to dream a dog

The idea to dream a four-legged friend is a positive one, since they are so full of love. But what does it mean to dream a dog truly? It is…


What to know before taking a dog

When you decide do take a dog in your family there are many important things to remember. Specifically, when it is young it will need more care. Here it is…

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What to do if the dog is constipated

Constipation is not a problem that involves only human beings. Even our furry friends can suffer from it. What should you do in these cases? DIY methods You should not…