Taking our dog at sea is a precious and entertaining experience, but we have to pay attention to some things so everything can go on smoothly for you two. Dogs love water a lot, from ponds to every other water pit. But this is not enough for them to have a safe experience.

Some tips to take your dog at sea

When you take a dog on holiday you should consider the context in which you are going. You should think about the warm, the sand, the sea water itself as dangers, in order to avoid any risk. Sunlight, for example is dangerous for dogs and people as well: you need to avoid the warmest hours, always have some fresh water with you and some place with shadow where it can rest. Pay attention to the sand since it can be too warm and could also bring some danger for its hygiene. You should always wash it quickly by the end of every day in order to remove the exceeding salt and the sand.

Me and my dog at sea

Dog at sea: what to bring with you in your luggage

In order to live a perfect experience with you dog at sea you should always bring with you its health card, some extra bowls and many boxes for water, a thick beach towel to protect it from warm sand and a medical kit which can be helpful sometimes. If you are going to a crowded and wide place you should buy a gps for dogs, so you can never lose your best friend.

1 Me and my dog at sea

The first time for a dog at sea

Dogs are not always skilled swimmers. The first time you take a dog to the sea the most dangerous risk is its lack of experience. By buying a life jacket you can do smoother diving so your furry friend can get used to this new element while it is having fun. It is also recommended to always have your dog on the leash if it is not used to beaches; since kids, balls and other people risk to over stimulate it and may led it to get tired or to became too much breezy and then you could receive some complaints.