We should never underestimate the risk that our dog can eat or drink something dangerous for it, especially if we are first-timers. When our dog is a puppy and even when it is grown up, it may approach dangerous substances, playing with something that could put its health in danger if it eats it. Don’t worry, here is a guide on what can hurt our dog, so you can learn how to protect it.

Forbidden foods that can hurt the dog

Chocolate, onion, garlic, grape and raisins; these are the most dangerous ones for our dog. But not only them: we should always be careful to the stones of stone fruits, fish bones and generally hard food. Among the riskiest ones are bones, especially chicken and turkey. We recommend to cover the garbage and to keep it away from its sight.

Other substances that may hurt the dog

Alcohol and nicotine hurt the dog, science tells us that. Beer can also be a problem for medium and large-sized dogs but is recommended to watch our dog constantly when we are having an alcoholic drink. Same for soaps or hydrocarbons, whose sweet scents can tempt our dog, causing big troubles. Be careful also with spices and sweeteners, which can be toxic for the dog’s liver, even in small amounts.

What can hurt our dog

What can hurt a puppy dog

When our dog gets intoxicated, the smaller the size the higher the risk: puppies are more in danger than adult dogs. Puppies tend to eat everything, so we should be careful with ropes, rocks, little branches that may damage the digestive apparatus. Also, talking about foods, the danger that comes from forbidden ones is higher when we have a puppy dog. Molds can also be dangerous, our four-legged friends should never inhale them, especially if they are still developing their respiratory system.