An obedient dog is very is a pleasure to train according to owner inclinations. Undoubtably is easier to take out for a stroll or to play with a dog that knows where its freedom starts and ends and that knows how to use it wisely. Let’s find out which breeds stand out for obedience.

Inborn obedience in shepherd dogs

Despite the variety of their appearance, shepherd dogs are the direct descendants of the first domesticated dogs of a thousand years ago. Their nature has been forged from thousand of years in strict contact with men and their obedience seem to come directly from the responsibilities we have always given them. We are talking about Border Collie, Belgian Shepherd, Maremman and so on. Another exemplar dog in terms of character is the Beagle, that is very loved by kids, obedient and meek.

Advantages of having an obedient dog

As we have already said, a very important part of the relationship between dogs and owners can be build starting from the limits that the dog has to respect. Some dogs have a multifaceted personality, they are more stubborn and fierce, such as sled dogs. If you wish to have a dog that respond to many commands and that can always understand when it is better not to be around, some breeds require a very long and challenging training that almost goes against their nature. Generally speaking, every kind of dog may become obedient, but you should consider a long and difficult path with the trainer that requires exercises to be done at home.

The most obedient dogs in the world

An Italian obedient dog has been recognized World Heritage

According to the Government suggestion, some years ago, Abruzzi region has recognized the local shepherd dog (always known as Abruzzi Mastiff) as World Heritage because of its contribution to local farming. It is very similar to Maremman physically, it is very strong and tied to owners with a bond of obedience and sense of duty. Abruzzi shepherd have selected and increased the number of these wonderful dogs due to their astonishing qualities.