Always being able to locate our dog is very important: not only it allows us to prevent escapes and finding it more quickly, but also to know for sure how much physical activity our furry friend is doing. Whether it lives in the countryside or in the city, this device should always be attached to its collar. You can find many GPS devices on the market, that can be divided in two categories… let’s find out more about them!  

Dog GPS with subscription.

GPS for dogs are devices that often contains a sim card with GPS technology that allows us to locate the dog through an app. The ones with a subscription included are the most reliable, since the sim card and its consumption are made to adapt to the needs of the owners. Some are integrated to the collar, others have to be attached to it: these latter are the most bought because they are stronger. Buying a subscription is cheaper and allows you to save time.

Dog GPS without subscription.

Along with GPS for dogs with subscription, you can also find on the market devices in which you can insert a sim card of your choice without a specific mandatory subscription. Their performances are almost the same, but these are a little bit difficult to deal with and you cannot avail of the benefits of unlimited consumption of the sim, especially if you travel overseas and you start using the international roaming.

Dog GPS Kippy EVO

A GPS for dogs

Kippy EVO is a GPS for dogs that is a complete device with sim and subscription (manageable through an ap) included. Strong and reliable, Kippy EVO device allows you to constantly supervise dog’s physical activity, establishing a virtual fence and keep track of all you do together, all by recharging the battery almost once a day. The sim uses GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth technology in order to guarantee maximum precision on dog location real-time.