Have you decided to bring a four-legged friend in your family? Great! Happiness is spreading and everything should be at the proper place for its arrival. What should you buy then? You will find some tips here below to be prepared for everything.

Essential accessories

When you take a furry friend at home, everything should be ready for its arrival. Which accessories are essential for a dog? First of all make sure the house is ready for a puppy: make it safe and remove all the things that can be dangerous for it. Among the essential accessories you will first need the doghouse, the place where it can relax and sleep. Doghouse or pillow? Take your pick, the important thing is it has to be big enough for him to lay in comfort. We recommend washable doghouse, so hygiene conditions can be always the greatest. You will also need bowls, one for water (keep it always filled) and one for the food. Steel bowls are perfect and easy to clean. In order to take care of your puppy you will need a brush for its hair so it do not have knots (according to the breed). You can use it once or twice a week. If your new friend is a puppy do not forget the sleepers to relieve itself: the puppy will need some time to get used to them and it will have to learn how to do things in the proper place.

What to buy for a dog

For your first walks

When your new friend will have got all routine vaccines, it can explore the outer world. So, you will need to have a leash, a collar and harness. Usually puppies prefer harnesses, more comfortable for them, since they pull very much. You will have to teach it to stay at your pace. We do not recommend extendable leashes: choose the better length for your puppy, but it has to learn to walk near you. You have a wide range at your disposal, you can choose the best accessories for you. It is essential a leash with dog tag. Unfortunately, it often happens that our four-legged friends get lost, so it is important you put its name and your information on the dog tag. Safety first of all! Do not forget plastic bags for your outdoor trips, you can put them on the leash. Everything is ready? Let’s go, then!