Chocolate is toxic for dogs, undoubtably. At the beginning it may appear as a simple stomach weakness of our furry friends, but it actually is a serious intolerance to some active substances of the chocolate. These substances that seem so appealing to us may have some serious consequences on dogs’ body.

Why is chocolate toxic for dogs?

In cocoa there are alkaloid substances, the well-known caffeine and theobromine. These two molecules bind to our receptors of dopamine heightening our pleasure in consuming chocolate, but for dogs they are pure poison. Their body cannot metabolize them before they clog their intestines and reins, causing convulsions and death.  

How much chocolate is dangerous for dogs?

Is chocolate really dangerous for dogs?

Chocolate is dangerous for dogs, so we should keep it away from them, moreover if it is dark chocolate more than 50%. It also may happen that our furry friend steals from pantry or table, because it is not aware of the risk.

First of all, it is less likely that chocolate is eaten in percentages of pure cocoa, then the damage is higher the smaller the dog. For a little dog of 5kg the deadly dose is 50g, while for a dog of 30kg it is 250g. These doses of cocoa are difficult to ingest altogether, but we should not lower our guard.

What to do if the dog has eaten chocolate

Unless the dog has eaten a tiny portion of chocolate, the ideal thing is taking it to the veterinarian immediately, who will evaluate if it is the case of a gastric lavage with absorption therapies of toxic substances. If the dog has stolen something and seems upset and more clumsy than usual, it may show chocolate intoxication signs and you should rescue it immediately. Same if it pukes or has uncontrollable diarrhea crisis.