Diarrhea is one of the most common disease for dogs, puppies as well as older ones. Usually, after the occurring of this issue, the veterinarian recommends making the dog fasting for some hours, giving it much water in order to retake liquids. After that we can adopt a temporary diet that can restore the balance of its digestive apparatus.

The ideal diet for a dog with diarrhea

After the occurring of diarrhea, a dog should adopt the so called “soft foods diet”, which take out dry croquettes and includes foods with lean proteins derived from animals, cooked with rice or pasta for animals, along with some vegetables. These dishes should be dangerous substances and fats free, watery and well-balanced. Also, a dog with diarrhea should drink a lot of water or broth without salt.

What can a dog with diarrhea eat?

Recipes for dogs that have had diarrhea

Dogs with diarrhea can eat dishes with 70% of protein and 30% of carbohydrates and water in order to guarantee a proper supply of nutrients without straining its intestine. You can provide it with chicken with boiled rice (make sure it is watery and well-cooked), serving it with carrots or slices of apples. Dogs love yoghurt, that can work as natural lactic ferment in case of diarrhea.

What to do if the dog is intolerant and has diarrhea

When the dog has diarrhea, it often does not tolerate processed foods; for some dog owner the search for the perfect diet can be compared to the one of the Sacred Graal. Puppies in particular may not digest properly some foods, wet or dry, so it is better to provide it any new product gradually. If the dog shows some pain you should not insist in giving it, but you should change it according to your veterinarian. Generally speaking some breeds are more exposed to intestinal issues than others, it may happen more often if our furry friend play outside or if it is always hungry eating everything rapidly, maybe stealing something from our table.