Dogs get old gradually, but at a given moment its appetite and its desire to do things as before change radically. With some precautions dogs can live a happy old age, but we should pay attention to their mental and physical health and their symptoms.

What is senile dementia in dogs

Beyond eleven years of age, dogs brain cells start to decline as those of people with Alzheimer. Senile dementia in dogs is a degenerative cognitive disorder that affects neuronal links and inhibits the flow of information between brain areas such as memory, movement and the understanding of the surrounding. We estimate that 50% of dogs can be affected by senile dementia.

Senile dementia in dogs

Dogs’ senile dementia symptoms

As we have said before, senile dementia is a progressive process, usually dogs start to see less and less and can become deaf, so they tend to wander outside or inside aimlessly with more fear then usual. They will bark constantly because they cannot hear their voices. As dementia become worse, dogs will become more and more confused and angry, forgetting their name, habits and even unable to recognize us.  

Senile dementia: what to do

Sometimes old dogs are as the sick, so it is in this very moment that we can express all our gratitude for their company and fun during our and their childhood. First of all, you need to buy some medicines and supplements as prescribed by the veterinarian, then changing its nutrition so it can be tasty and digestible and… having a lot of patience. Often, dogs with senile dementia make the home dirty or are very clumsy: scolding them is useless, it is better to clear their comfort areas so they can easily find their doghouse and rest.