Dogs are adorable because they try to communicate with us, so after years of cohabitation owners can decipher even the most cryptic barking. What does the dogs tell us? Their different barks have different meanings? Let’s find out what does the dog communicate with its distinctive voice.

Canine alphabet

Dogs say many things, but with a very limited language. Ears, tails and voice are its features. Obviously their most common language is barking, and we can distinguish a discontinuous and lower one that the dog uses to catch our attention, and another one louder that he uses in case he is in danger. It is the same for growling, which can be louder or quieter according to the dog’s mood. Some breeds can do about thirty different kind of barking when they communicate with people.

What does the dogs tell us?

What do the dogs tell to themselves?

Dogs and cats communicate differently among them comparing when we speak to us. Thousands of years of domestication have given the dogs many tools they learn to use since they are puppies, so people can understand them almost immediately. Dogs among them prefer using bowing, jumps, the position of the tail… when you are made of the same cloth you don’t need many “words”! Moreover, dogs can understand vocal nuances that are impossible for us to catch, such as the headstrong growling of two dogs playing fight.

Can dogs understand our language?

If we say “pup” and our dog lifts our ears and starts wagging its tail, or he tries to make us understand what it wants barking happily when we ask it if it fancies its favorite ball. Dogs can be unbelievably intelligent, they can understand when we call their names and decipher some essential words. This has been undoubtedly certified by the study carried out by the American magazine Current Biology, but this theme never ceases to thrill researchers.