Choosing the best GPS for your dog means you have to buy a device with the best value for money for us and which is comfortable for it at the same time. You have to pay attention to technical features, the type of monitoring that apps can offer. Here will follow some tips in order to choose the best GPS for our four-legged friends.

Technical features for a perfect GPS for dogs

The first difference is between in-buit GPS collars and those you have to stick to the collar. Their performances do not differ, but a device you can stick to every collar is a more sustainable choice, cheaper and more comfortable for our dog. Another important feature is the battery, since a battery that dies easily is not useful. Another useful feature: the chance to limit and expand the ps covered area.

Finding the best GPS for dogs

Weight and size for a perfect GPS for dogs

Leaving behind in-built GPS collars, uncomfortable for all small sized dogs, sticking GPS have all similar weight and size features. They are so renowned for their versatility; our dog just gets used to it in few hours. We recommend to leave behind these features, but pay close attention to performance standards.

Kippy EVO GPS for dogs offers further features

Kippy EVO is a multi-technology last cry tool that not only offers more accuracy in locating the dog, but also many other fetures. If you like to set a security perimeter for the dog, with kippy evo app you can create a virtual fence. If the dog crosses it you will be notified real-time. Kippy EVO is a very light device (only 38g), which has a rechargeable battery up to 10 days.