When we usually buy a puppy, its breed and pedigree are written in the documents, but sometimes this information are not available. How can we recognize the breed of a dog? Let’s find it out together.

Physical features are the basis to recognize the breed of a dog

The first two things to observe in order to recognize the breed of our dog are its size and physical features such as fur and shape of the mouth. If our dog is a mongrel born from a German Shepherd and a Molossian, it is possible that the shape of its mouth is the same as the one of a parent, so we can isolate at least a part of the genetic makeup. Then we can evaluate fur, coat, size, ears and tail.

How to recognize the breed of a dog

Using an app to recognize the breed of a dog

Dog Scanner is a recently released app for our operating systems that use the reverse image search technology in order to find an answer to this issue, with a fairly high reliability margin for dogs with strong breed related features. It is not an easy task for a virtual entity among these many interbreeding, but with a bit of luck, even the most unique mongrel can find its lineage. Generally speaking this tool is a bit random, but it surely is fun used with friends and family members.

Recognizing the breed through DNA test: expensive, but foolproof

With only a saliva sample, people who analyze animal’s DNA can rapidly isolate up to five different breeds that make up the genetic heritage of the dog. But we can also discover many other interesting things about the health of the dog, that I s why veterinarian act as mediator only if the test is justified by the dog’s health problems. Generally speaking, this test costs 800 – 1500 EUR and it is not so easy to find a lab that can run that test.