Dogs are very smart animals, that loves life in herds, communicate with us in a well sophisticated way, as well as how they actually think. Dogs brain is not so different from ours after all, they both show two lobes with different functions with a wide coming and going of information.

How does dogs’ brain work

Dogs think a lot about their past, according to science. They can associate smells to memories or places, and also to set a navigator to find them. In dogs’ brain the data collected from senses are continuously elaborated, together with further stimuli that the dog can process in a very efficient way. When it is submitted to scientific evidences, it is always highlighted that the dog can solve complex problems and that it lives guided by the perfect mix of instinct and reasoning.

What do dogs think

Dogs think, but they also dream?

When our dog sleeps it often moves its paws, barks and stirs: it obviously is dreaming. We suppose that dogs dream “dog’s” things, such as finding a place or another furry friend, following a prey, gathering a herd or a group of people. By monitoring cerebral activity of sleeping dogs it appears that during their simple nap there are many stimulated cerebral areas. Their brain protects them during dreams from raw pictures such as how our brain does.

What does my dog think of me?

Dogs think very often to their owners, and they can read their behavior better than anyone else. Usually, monkeys are the most similar animals to human beings, but no one knows us better than our dog. Mainly our furry friend has a very good opinion of us: it respects us, it loves us, it trusts us and it knows us very well. It can distinguish deflections in voice, facial expressions and touch intensity. Don’t you believe that? Just try and pretend to cry in front of your dog, it will surely try to cheer you.