Every dog like biting little items or furnitures, not to mention hands and clothes of their owners. What does it mean this behavior? Dou yo have to encourage or discourage it? Let’s see the many causes of this funny behavior when the dog is a puppy, but it could also became hard to handle when it starts growing up.

 Natural causes that leads your dog to biting

When it grows up with its brothers or sisters, putting aside the breed, the puppy will be a tireless gamer, always beating and testing its new skills under mum supervision. Biting means letting off steam for it, it is not strange if it shows us affection in this way: it means we are part of the family.

What does it mean when your dog gives you little bites

When the dog bites to highlight a problem

In the dog, the attitude of biting tirelessly can be a spotlight for a problem. Maybe it has been seprated too early from the mother, or the house where we have taken it hosts some other dogs or cats already and it becomes hard for it to adapt. Another reason that leads puppies to bite a lot is teething. In these cases, dogs look for a relief from gingival pain, it is better to get them used to bite a soft toy or some fabric.

How to train the dog in order it do not bite

In order to make our dog stop biting, you do not need to scold it or physically punishing it: in doing so we may dispirit it or heighten a sense of challenge. At the same time distracting it with a snack or a little ball may be effective, but not on the long term. What to do, then? Canine educators talk about a surefire way that consists of intervening with a strong sound stimulus (lid and pan, or lid and ladle, like a gong) accompanied by a voice command. This, with some patience, should limit the moments when it bites.