How to Monitor Your Dog Remotely? The Best Cameras

Whether out of simple curiosity or a genuine desire to keep an eye on your dog from afar, every owner has their own motivation. New technologies such as surveillance cameras…


How to Monitor Your Dog’s Health: Tips and Tricks

By adopting a pet, we commit to taking care of them on a daily basis, which involves ensuring their health. However, since they are not endowed with speech and always…


Dog alone in the house: strategies to keep them from suffering

Leaving the dog alone at home is often a necessity dictated by work commitments or the hustle and bustle of daily life. In any case, one shouldn’t feel guilty about…


AirTag on dogs: why not to use it and risks

You might have thought about using an AirTag on your dog to always keep track of its location and find it in case it gets lost: it’s an understandable act…

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Dogs and cats: how to get rid of fleas?

As soon as spring arrives, fleas take advantage of the warmer weather to colonize the fur of our dogs and cats. Constant scratching, allergic reactions, risk of disease transmission –…

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Chocolate, what are the risks for dogs? Quantity, effects.

Chocolate is a friend to most humans, but not really to dogs. Vomiting, panting, trembling, the symptoms generated by chocolate poisoning in dogs are far from the pleasure it provides…

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Preventing Accidental Poisoning: A Checklist for Pet-Proofing Your Home

As a responsible pet parent, it’s vital to be aware of dangerous items in your home that could harm your furry friend. Pets are curious creatures, and it only takes…


Dog training: how to make it enjoyable

Training a dog is a process aimed at achieving its happy and peaceful integration into the family. In fact, teaching a four-legged friend means teaching it good habits to live…


My dog eats poop. Why? What to do?

Have you ever seen your dog consuming a fresh pile of poop? The sight and especially the smell arouse in your pet an excitement worthy of a 3-star meal that…


What foods are toxic for dogs?

Even though humans and dogs are mammals, their diets are not quite the same. Dogs need a number of vitamins because they are not able to synthesise all of them….

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What are the benefits of having a pet?

Pet owners know that the daily presence of their pet is essential to their well-being. Whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a ferret (and so many…

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Dogs in heat: how long does it last, and what to do?

Our puppies in the first months of life grow very fast indeed. Their withers rise, and their legs, from round and chubby, become thinner. But it is not only the…


Devices to stop dogs barking

Dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes you need to limit their actions. Below is a list of the best devices for keeping your pet from barking.    Bo-sense Very comfortable…


Can dogs eat figs?

For us humans, the diet must be varied, and the same applies to the dog’s diet. We are not always aware of which foods are good for our four-legged friends…


Anti-dog spray

Anti-dog spray: when can it be used and when is it actually useful? These sprays may seem harsh, but it’s also true that they can be essential in case of…


Pitbull Retriever

Can’t decide between a Pitbull and a Retriever? You could go for the Pitbull Retriever, an extremely rare hybrid between the Golden Retriever and the American Pitbull Terrier. It’s a…

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SIM for GPS tracker

Constantly monitoring your dog or cat, your car or any other object is easy thanks to a GPS tracker, a small device that allows you to track the position of…


Calming drops for dementia dogs

Just like humans, dogs can get a number of illnesses, many of which are related to their ageing. Dementia in dogs presents itself with a number of fairly clear symptoms,…


Newfoundland and Golden Retriever

Newfoundland or Golden Retriever? If you are undecided between two exceptional but different dog breeds, you can now opt for the Newfoundland Golden Retriever. This is a mixed-breed dog that…


Best dogs for children

For a child, having a pet is synonymous with joy but also with responsibility. In the following, we would like to tell you about the best dogs for young owners….


Satellite dog collars

It is a well-known fact that we all love our pets and are always ready to experiment with new methods and technologies in order to keep them safe at all…


Dog food

Kibble is one of the most popular foods for most dogs. That’s why we’ve decided to make a mini-list of the two best products to buy for your four-legged friend,…

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Orange GPS tag

Locating a person, object or pet is very easy thanks to the GPS tracker, a small object which uses the Global Positioning System to identify its exact position. But where…


Long-haired Labrador

Have you ever heard of the long-haired Labrador? Its name is the Fluffy Labrador and it’s a long-haired Labrador, the result of a genetic anomaly. Although the ENCI breed standard…

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GPS tracking collar

If you want to know exactly where your four-legged friend is at all times, you can use a very simple GPS tracking collar: this is a traditional collar, but it’s…

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GPS collar

A GPS collar is a special type of collar which allows you to track your four-legged friend’s activities and to identify his exact location using your smartphone. Thanks to the…

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Dog and cat GPS tracker

The dog and cat GPS tracker will help you sleep soundly because it ensures that you can track your dog or cat at all times, while giving them the freedom…


Best guard and companion dog

Best guard and companion dog? What exactly are you looking for? That’s not to say that an excellent guard dog can’t also be an excellent companion dog. On the contrary,…


Dog tracker: the satellite collar

Permanently locate your dog and track them without any worries? It’s easy thanks to the dog tracker, a special and innovative satellite collar that works as a tracking system specifically…

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Tick spray

Cat and dog ticks are extremely small, if not almost invisible to the naked eye, but at the same time they can attach themselves to the animal and suck its…