It is not easy to determine how long does the molt of the dog last. This is a physiological phenomenon that lets the fur of the dog adapt to seasons, it happens twice a year. The old fur gives way to the new one, which is more suitable for that particular period of the year. The molt is not the same for every dog, let’s see what can affect the duration of this phenomenon.

The breed of the dog can affect its molt?

There are many dog breeds, but the duration of the molt depends on its fur. Usually, the molt lasts from three to six weeks; the shaggier and stronger the fur, the shorter the molt period will be. Dogs with long fur such as setter, cocker, and greyhound will need more time to get adapt to the season. Some breeds such as Mariamman and Akita, even if they have short fur they also need more time and effort to carry develop the new molt.

How long does the molt of the dog last?

I live in a flat, how long does the molt last?

Unfortunately, the molt of the dog will last longer if it lives with us in the flat. The dog never scratches on rough or irregular surfaces such as earth and stones, it also is less exposed to sunlight, so it loses all its fur during the molt period. Brushing it regularly helps, as well as regular baths (but do not exaggerate). Luckily our furry friend almost always loves a gently brush followed by a tasty prize.

Clipping the fur will influence how long the molt lasts?

Cleaning the dog do not affect the length of the molt, but clipping the fur too much on particular breeds may alter the balance of the fur. Generally speaking, clipping its fur twice a year can anticipate all the molt process and limit fur loss. It is recommended to ask for advice from your trusted expert.