dog twins

How long do dogs live?

Let’s find out together how long a dog’s life expectancy is. Unfortunately, as we well know, nothing is forever. When it comes to our pet friends, they can break our…


How to build a dog kennel

Making a DIY dog kennel? It´s not that difficult Passion for creativity? This article is perfect for you! In fact, below we will see how to build a kennel easily…


How many teeth do dogs have?

Let’s find out how many teeth dogs have. One of the many questions people ask themselves when owning a dog is: how many teeth does a dog have? It seems…

Cani salvataggio

Rescue dogs: four-legged heroes

When thinking about rescue dogs, the first images that comes to mind involve a Saint Bernard running in the snow or a Newfoundland Dog ready to dive into the water….

Dogs and the leash

Dogs and the leash: how to walk your dog

New dog owners often wonder how to teach their dogs to properly walk while on a leash. We all know that it is very important to walk our dog every…

Dog barking

Excessive barking: how to solve this problem?

My dog barks all the time, what can I do? Dog owners often have this question for their pet behaviour counsellor or veterinary behaviourist. The first thing to do is…

Dog retrieves an object

Why do dogs retrieve?

Dog owners might have noticed that their dog is retrieving objects and might have done so since puppyhood. Many dogs love bringing objects to their owner and they do that…

Dog eating sock

Why do dogs eat socks?

Sometimes dogs pick up things with their mouth and they might even eat things that should not be eaten, like clothing items, small objects, paper towels, etc. This type of…


Yellow ribbon, dog needs space

Dog owners might have seen or read articles about a yellow ribbon or a bandana tied to dogs’ collars. It often happens in dog forums and groups that owners ask…

Valentine's Day dog and cat love

Valentine’s Day: dogs and owners celebrate!

On Valentine’s day we all want to celebrate with those we love the most. Many dog owners have no doubt: their dog deserves something special. Why many owners think that…

Gifts for dog

Gifts for dogs

What can we gift our dog for their birthday? Or any other occasion, for that matters. What can we give our dog to let me know how much we love…

Dog in a garden with family

Dogs and the garden

You might have heard that if you want to adopt a dog, especially a large one, you need a big garden where they can run and wear off their energy….

Lost Dog Sign

Lost dog, what to do?

What should we do, in the terrible event we lost our dog? This is definitely the worst nightmare of dog owners: one minute your dog is in the garden or…

Problem solving games for dogs

Problem solving for dogs

Problem solving games are excellent activities that satisfy our dog’s need for mental exercise. What are problem solving games? Problem solving games are dog activities where our friend needs to…

Dog eating snack

What shall we feed our dog in Summer?

Dogs tend to have omnivorous nutritional needs and a dietary behaviour that varies according to the breed. The feeding pattern of beagles, for example, is very similar to that of…

Old dog

How to take care of a senior dog

Dogs, like people, become slower and delicate as they age. And exactly like we need to do with our senior citizen, we need to take special care of our senior…


Canine socialisation

We all have heard about canine socialization, but we might not know what the term means exactly. Socialisation is the procedure through with we get a puppy used to all…

New Year's noise

How to avoid noise fear in dogs on New Year’s Eve?

We all love New Year’s Eve and for many people fireworks are part of this celebration. Dog owners, however, know how fireworks might be terrifying to dogs. In fact, up…

dirty dog in the house

How to toilet train a dog

Dogs are naturally clean animals, which try to keep clean the area where they sleep, eat, rest. This nice habit comes from their natural instinct of keeping their den clean….


Dogs and the summer: risk of heat exhaustion

As summer is upon us, dogs, like us, are at risk from heat exhaustion or stroke. How can we recognise these conditions? Do dogs suffer from heat exhaustion? Exactly like…


Help, my dog is fat!

If your dog is fat, it means it is overweight or obese. Firstly, do not panic: you should know that obesity, that is the accumulation of excessive amounts of adipose…


Are there dogs that do not shed?

Technically, all dogs shed their hair. It is part of the normal life cycle of the hair, which is made up of 4 phases: growth, transition, rest, fall. Thankfully, individual…


How to correctly care for dog’s paws

Taking care of your dog’s paws is critical to their health and safety. In order to properly perform this practice, which is part of the pet care routines, it is…

How to trim the dog's nail

How to trim your dog’s nail?

You should know that trimming your dog’s nails is a very important operation, but, fortunately, equally simple. It is essential that the dog’s nails always remain short, to prevent the…


How to wash your dog?

How can you wash your dog? What is the correct procedure for drying him/her? And at what age is it advisable to start washing a dog? These are some of…

Dog running on the beach

Playing sport with dogs: the best way to keep in shape and strengthen the bond with your four-legged friend

Playing sports with dogs is an opportunity to consolidate the bond with them, and also keep yourself in good health! The best sports to do with your dog must first…

Sitting dogs

Rally obedience: a discipline for happy dogs and handlers!

Rally Obedience, also known as Rally-O, is a relatively recent canine discipline open to all mixed breed and purebred dogs over 6 months of age and their handlers. The goal…


My dog eats grass: why do they do it?

This is a very common question that dog ​​owners have for their vet. In fact, it is not uncommon to observe a dog or a cat eating grass or other…


Why does my dog not drink water from their bowl?

The amount of water a dog should drink daily depends on many factors, including age, physiological status (e.g., pregnancy), level of physical activity, type and amount of food, and environmental…

doggo leash

Your dog pulls? Here’s how to educate him on a leash

“My dog pulls on a leash!”: How many times have you said this to friends or fellow walkers? The dog has a very special relationship with this object: as soon…