Some dogs are very adventurous: just a moment and you will find yourself in your car trying to locate them and bring them home. GPS for dogs are a cheap and long-lasting solution not only to keep your dog in control, but also to watch its movement patterns and to actively oparticipate to its wellness. The subscription solution is even more effective and value for money.

How does a GPS for dogs with subscription work?

Inside GPS for dog subscription you will find a sim card which work through satellite network and lets you locate your dog within a range of many kilometers. This sim work with your phone (often with a web-app) and it lets you monitoring your dog real-time. GPS for dog without subscription cover reduced distances and work thanks to radio technology, which is more expensive an less practical.

What are the parameters to keep in mind when choosing a GPS for dog with subscription?

A GPS for dog with subscription has to be very comfortable for the dog. You can buy sticking models that weigh from 30 to 140g according to the breed and the weight of the dog. Battery duration is crucial, as well as the range, and sim covering stability. It is also fundamental the chance to personalize your app or your subscription.

A closer look to GPS for dogs

What does Kippy EVO subscription offer?

Kippy EVO subscription offers a complete package of services with a cutting-edge GPS technology. By setting a virtual fence you will be immediately notified if your furry friend should cross this safe perimeter. Furthermore, you can keep track of the dog’s movements (sleep, calories, play, run, relax) and you can gather useful information on its health through weekly or monthly charts. Kippy EVO guarantees coverage throughout Europe: it is perfect for travelers and globetrotter dogs.