The pets in our homes always seems the most beautiful to our eyes, even if they are slightly overweight, old or a little hairless. It’s undoubtably because of their physical appearance that we fall in love with them, high breed or not. Let’s find out together which dogs and which sizes are reckoned to be the most beautiful in the world.

The five medium and large sized most beautiful dogs in the world  

Ranking the most beautiful dogs in the world is not an easy task, according to the many breed and crossbreed available. Some breeds are more distinctive, such as Dalmatian and Border Collie or German Sheperd with its harsh and elegant fur. Recently breeds from the far East are very popular, such as Akita and Shiba Inu, while in recent years is particularly requested the Weimaraner, a wonderful dog with a silver fur and bright light green eyes.

The most beautiful dogs in the world

The best small size dogs in the world

Small dogs are very loved around the world, some people simply love them for their small and funny size. Thinking about it, the beauty of a Cocker Spaniel or a Dachshund has nothing less than that of more important and sumptuous breeds. French Bulldog, the Volpino (one of the oldest breeds) and Beagle, very sweet and meek are also very loved. We should also mention the Corgi, with its smiling mouth and its short legs.

The most beautiful dog of 2020

Among the many events dedicated to dogs the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show of New York is the most important when it is time to choose the most beautiful dog of the year. The winner of 2020 edition was a little four years old female dog: Siba is a large size black that left the audience astonished thanks to its elegant look and its beautiful hairstyle. Who knows which dog will win this prestigious title in 2021!