The moment our dog passes away is always a crucial one, so before trying to compensate for the loss we should proceed with the notification of death to the authorities and also arranging the remains. Let’s see what we must do in Italy when the dog passes away.

Notification of the loss to the canine registry

According to law dogs should all be registered to the regional canine registry, a database that supervise all dogs on the territory, so we should notify the office not later than two days after the dog has passed away. According to the causes of death, the veterinarian will fill the proper documentation to be sent to the registry, then it will be determined how dispose of the remains: it is not allowed improvising, to burying or abandoning the body of the animal where we please.

Burial or cremation?

If the dog dies due to old age, natural or traumatic causes, the canine registry will allow the burial within the private property of the family as long as the risk of other animals go and dig up the body is avoided. The Veterinarian Service of the canine registry will notify we can proceed with the burial in specific areas or the cremation carried out by specialists, who will produce proper documentation of the event.

What to do when the dog passes away

How to bury the dog at home

The body of the dog should be wrapped in two plastic sacs and buried at least three meters underground, possibly covered by a layer of whitewash, in order to prevent other animals from finding them and you also avoid the hustle and bustle of insects in the garden. It is better choosing a spot in the shade in your garden, where you can plant a floral shrub to remember our furry friend. If you do not have a spot to bury it you can dispose of the remains outside and remember it in other ways.