An obedient large dog seems like a dream, but finding one is easier than you think. Their size makes those animals more self-confident, so they are less likely to adopt defensive strategies towards other dogs or people. These large-sized obedient breeds often get along very well with kids and do not fear to live with cats.

Which are the features of a large-sized dog?

Large-sized dogs’ weight when they are adults ranges between 20 and 44 kg, beyond this weight we consider them giants. Their size cannot be defined at the height at the withers because it depends on the breed, so how they look. Large-sized dogs usually live 10-12 years and often are obedient and kind, they show empathy towards everything and they like to play.

How to choose the right dog for your family among large dogs

More obedient breeds among large sized dogs

Breeds of large-sized dogs are many, waiting to be discovered. Just think about the slowness of Newfoundland dogs and their good attitude towards children, or the friendliness of Bernese that likes to play with its family members. And the stubbornness of the Golden Retriever? This wonderful dog with blonde fur fills your home with love and happiness. In the USA people have recently rediscovered the inborn charm of Samoiedo, the white little bear that loves being always in the spotlight. Not to mention the marvelous reflexive personality of the great Dane.

How to raise a large sized dog in the best way

Raising a large sized dog in the right way implies you have to pay more attention on people who do not know it or someone suspicious’ reactions. Whether it is a St. Bernard or a setter you have to raise your dog starting from its inborn self-confidence. Talking about their sociability with other dogs, large-sized dogs do not need to be aggressive nor touchy.