When our dog passes away it leaves a huge gap in our hearts and in the lives of other pets at home. Even if it is quite rational mourning for the loss of a pet, sometimes it lasts many days and it is hard going on with our daily lives. Here they are some tips to face the loss of a dog.

Giving ourselves time to overcome the trauma of the death of a dog

The loss of our pets generates a real trauma over which too many people keep doing tacky jokes and that society do not considerate in a proper manner (Just think that for health problems or death of the pet paid time off is purely discretional by the employer). We should accept the pain and not hiding away, we should cry it out or show our anger; this is the only way to mend this scar.

What to do after a dog passes away

What to do if we have other pets.

The other pets at home could feel lonely and suffer for the loss of their friend. Especially if the dog passed away in veterinary practice, the other cats or dogs could fell its absence and not be able to overcome that they have been abandoned. So, we should keep the dog items, leaving around the scent of the dog at least until the other pets are not used to its absence.

Can we adopt another dog immediately after the other one passed away?

This question has not a clear answer: it depends. Adopting another dog could be the perfect choice if we have kids at home, but could not be a good choice for us or the other pets. Another dog brings joy, but he can never be as the one that passed away. It is better giving ourselves some time to mourn and not going too fast in the healing process that can lasts for some months before assessing.