Even dogs’ metabolism can change according to age, hormonal factors, unbalanced diet, little movement or stress. As it happens for people, it is almost never an irreversible condition, you only need to face it firmly as soon as you can in order to avoid any danger for your dog’s health.

How to say with certainty if the dog is overweight

An overweight dog has 5-20% more weight than its ideal weight, you just need to weigh it on the scale to find It out. But there are some other indicators that tell if your dog is overweight: your dog has no longer a defined waistline or muscles, it has mobility problems, it is distressed when it walks or runs. This condition also affects its spirit, since it will not play and respond to stimuli offered by other dogs. If you have any doubt just contact your veterinarian.

How to tell if your dog is overweight

What an overweight dog risk

An overweight dog has a worse quality of life and life expectancy. This will increase the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, urinary tract or bowel illness, but also bone problems such as osteoarthritis. As quickly as it gains weight it will starts to dislike walking and playing, so it may fall into depression and be sleepier and with a decreased quality of life.

Potential remedies to weight gain

A good diet is crucial to control dog’s weight. If you speak with your veterinarian, dogs’ nutrition will change with some stricter rules. Above all, never give it food from your table. Dogs often become ravenous out of boredom, if you keep it occupied and you give him more quality time, it will get used to these deprivations more easily. In order to reward it for its efforts, look for more information on the best hypocaloric snacks and try to spend more time with it outdoor.