We are an Italian company, founded in 2013 in Milan, with the need to solve an increasingly frequent problem: lost dogs and cats. This is why we were among the first to launch a product capable of tracking your pet without distance limits and in real time.

Kippy: our mission

Our mission is simple but powerful: we want to create a world where pets can live happier, safer and healthier lives, while their owners enjoy peace of mind and constant connection with their beloved companions. That is why we aspire to develop a true pet Smartphone, capable of meeting all the needs of our four-legged friend.

Our strength lies in a continuous pursuit of technological excellence combined with cutting-edge and functional design. Thanks to a Research and Development Department based entirely in Italy, we guarantee high quality standards, as well as keeping up with the latest technological innovations. This has allowed us to develop products that are increasingly miniaturised and less invasive for the animal, but at the same time even more high-performance: every innovation we introduce to the market is the result of scrupulous attention to detail, rigorous testing and a constant commitment to improving not only the lives of pets but also those of their owners.

Track your pet with Kippy

We want to put the pet in the foreground, focusing on their needs and trying to understand their behaviour in more and more detail. This is why we have always collaborated with the best veterinary universities in Italy. This synergy allows us to develop products that not only meet the current needs of pets, but also anticipate future challenges in the field of animal health and welfare. The insights and experience of veterinary experts guide our work, ensuring that Kippy's solutions are aligned with the best medical practices.

The Datamars Group

Since 2023 Kippy has been part of Datamars, the leader in pet identification and reunification .

This partnership was a crucial step in offering a 360-degree approach to pet care, combining our expertise in advanced tracking with Datamars' experience in the field of animal identification: from tracking to identification and care, we provide a full range of tools to help ensure that pets are always safe and can find their way back home if they get lost.