Dogs’ nose, which you can also call in a friendly way “truffle”, can give many information on our furry friends’ health. If it is dryer than usual you do not need to take it to your veterinarian immediately, you should first evaluate environmental factors. Actually, dogs’ noses could be hydrated or dehydrated many times during the day, let’s find out why.

Possible environmental factors for the dog’s dehydrated nose

Winter is almost ended and dogs are used to spend most of their time in closed, heated rooms with little air. These simple factors can dry their nose, so you can install some humidification system (as water containers or aromatic oils for heaters), or changing the air more often. During summer the air is dryer, so in order to relieve the heat you can make some little paddling pool or take it out for a stroll in some more humid areas.

What does it mean when my dog has a dry nose?

When you should worry for a dog’s dried nose

After sun exposure, if the dog has a dried, cracked or stained nose, it probably got burned and you should take it to the veterinarian. You should do the same if the dog is not hungry, lazy and it does not want to be in contact with people. Dried nose in dogs is not always a symptom of illness, but it is something you should pay attention at. Meanwhile, if the dog does not want to drink, you can try to mix some wet food with mild water.

Dogs’ nose cleansing routine

A proper cleansing routine helps the dog that usually have a dried nose, cleaning up the mucous membranes so it can breathe properly. With a piece of soft paper or a we tissue you first clean the back of the nose, then the nostrils (if the dog is particularly meek you can clean properly even the inside, but you should always be careful).