The many type of foods you can find on the market are well-balanced and complete, but cooking for your own dog is a satisfaction you have to experience at least once in a while. If many experts strictly prohibit giving the dogs food from the table (not only because some food could be toxic), definitely some tasty food cooked by us just for it will make it happy. Let’s see together how to prepare some tasty and cheap recipe for our dog.

Cooking for the dog: allowed food

The dog is omnivorous and food lover, cooking for it will be a joy if you have a well-balanced menu in mind. First of all, you should start from cooked carbohydrates without salt: dogs tolerate well oat, rice (also puffed rice) and their pasta, that you can find in pet shops. Then you should pass to proteins: chicken, turkey, goat and sheep meat are the most recommended, but they should be de-boned well. Finally, you can add some vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, green beans or cooked fennels.

What can I cook for my dog?

Food to avoid when you cook for your dog

Other than chocolate, you should absolutely avoid giving garlic and onion to your dog. These kinds of food may cause some cardiac inconvenience, sometimes serious ones, the same for avocado, grapes and raisins. For dogs are poisonous also sugars and carbohydrates eaten between meals. You should never give your dog biscuits or chips in a bag, it is better to have with you snack for dogs and adding a potato or more carbohydrates to the meal we have cooked for it.

Special occasions: what does our dog really love as food?

As almost all animals, dogs truly love the offal. Even if the dog eats industrial food, sometimes you can cook some simple tripe, or some stew with heart or liver of bovine. These foods so flavored are also hypocaloric and rich in cholesterol, so you should serve them only on special occasions. Horse meat is also loved by dogs, because it is the only one they can eat “rare” without having digestive problems.