It could appear a little bit crazy, but buying a birthday present for the dog at home is a moment to celebrate the joy it brings and to honor its wonderful friendship. If you have adopted our dog and you do not know the exact date of birth, just choose the very day you adopted it. But if the birthday is official you just have to throw a marvelous pet-party.

How to buy a perfect birthday present for your dog

Some ideas for a birthday present of the dog.

The temper s the first thing to evaluate when you have to buy a birthday present for the dog. If it is a lazy one which loves comfort, a new and comfortable doghouse will make it very happy. If its toys are never enough a new set of little balls to break will bring it to the moon. If it is very greedy, look for a bone for soup at the supermarket or the butcher. With few money you will make it feel like a prince.

A birthday present for its safety.

Making a birthday present for the dog is a token gesture which is more important for us than for it. Dogs are part of our families and we should guarantee their safety, their education according to their temper and our needs.

1 How to buy a perfect birthday present for your dog

A gps tool for dogs that you can put on the collar and will let us check it by app Is a non-invasive way to be sure it is not in danger.

Throwing a birthday party as a present for the dog.

Organizing a social event is a beautiful birthday present for the dog at home. Just think about all the friends it meets in the dog area or if it has some brother or sister nearby. Throwing a little party with croquettes, bones, balloons, funny hats may be the perfect chance to reward a good tempered dog with its friends… and taking many exhilarating pictures you can show to your friends.