Sometimes a bad smell could come out of our dog’s mouth, but it is not always a signal for serious problems. Sometimes it may be a teeth problem or it may depend on the diet we have chosen for it, but if our dog has bad breath we should contact the veterinarian. Let’s see what can cause this issue.

Bad breath and dental hygiene in dogs

Dog’s mouth is a center of bacterial growth, so its natural defenses are very strong. But if our dog starts having bad breath, which is different from everyday life, it may have a strong plaque buildup that may lead to gum inflammation. Also, it may happen that it plays with something crumbly and a foreign body stucked in the mucous membranes is irritating its mouth. For old dogs is normal suffering from perodontitis.

Wrong diet and bad breath

Sweet foods are the most common cause for bad breath in dogs, not only because they affect the teeth, but also because they facilitate intestinal fermentation and so bad breath and meteorism. This problem may be caused also by flavored snacks made with substandarded ingredients: it is better switching them with healthier and higher quality ones. It is recommended to supervise this situation and taking the dog to the veterinarian if it does not heal.

What can cause bad breath in dogs

Possible homemade solutions to dog’s bad breath

Veterinarians recommend to pay regular attention on dental care with brush and toothpaste for dogs, but not every dog love when we brush their teeth. You can find on the market some snacks that helps the owner keeping our four-legged friends’ teeth always clean, moreover you can add some parsley leaves (but not too many) to their bowls. Sometimes bad breath is due to indigestion, so you should choose some high quality snacks with your veterinarian that helps it digesting properly.