White Siberian Husky

White Siberian Husky, with its pure coat reminds us of their northern origin more than other breeds, since they have lived for centuries in the snowy Siberian land, and more…


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is one of the most sought-after and attractive dog breeds for physical appearance and personality. Their light blue eyes and the typical plush coat match with the elegance…


Siberian Husky price

What is the price of a Siberina Husky? The price for a Siberian Husky is between 1200-1500 Euros, even though it is not hard finding some puppies on the market…


Siberian Husky puppy

Practical tips before adopting a Siberian Husky puppy If you are thinkling about adopting a Siberian Husky puppy I can definitely congratulate you for your choice, since it is one…


Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky, which are its main features? Siberian Husky is one of the most recognizable and appreciated breed among our four-legged friends’ lovers. Their frozen eyes and the name quickly…


Swollen vulva in a sterilize dog

Smptoms and issues The first phase of a horn dog is called proestrus and it can last from 7 to 10 days: in order to identify this phase, you should…


Why dogs eat leaves and vomit

The reason behind dog’s leaves eating and vomiting behavior: when you should worry Why a dog eats grass and vomit? There could be many reasons behind it. Usually, when dogs…


How long can resist a cold cat?

How to intervene when the cat risks hypothermia Generally, cats resist to cold better than people, since they have a higher average body temperature of 38.5°: if the cat is…


What does it mean when the dogs shiver

The most common physical and psychological reasons If you have a dog, one of the funniest of its behaviors are the shivers and related tremors. Actually, it is a quite…


Golden Retriever short fur

The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent, friendly and very affectionate dog. It is an amazing puppy that often is used as a guide dog, rescue dog, drug dog, but…


Golden Retriever puppy’s price

Originally selected as hunting and Retriever dog, the Golden Retriever is a perfect companion dog, with an elegant and sweet loog: it is sociable, obedient, with an inborn predisposition for…


Why cats do not drink water while eating food

The answer is related to its origins The cat is a feline that hunt its preys and take the majority of water it needs independently, so it usually drinks few…


What to do when a dog with a microchip passes away

The microchip is a mandatory device put under the skin according to the law, thanks to the owner can find it in case of missing. Actually, the microchip has many…


Golden retriever farms

Welcoming a dog puppy at home is an important moment, so choosing a Golden Retriever could be the right choice. The Golden is an intelligent, affectionate, calm and obedient dog,…


The cat you should adopt

How to choose the most suited cat for us Being in company of a cat lower the stress and blood pressure, brigs you good mood and increase wellness. Adopting a…


If the dog is poisoned what are the symptoms?

How to recognize poisoning symptoms in dogs Walking is one of the best moments we spend with our dog, but you should always be careful. The dog may eat some…


The British Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and obedient dogs, meek and playful, with an equilibrate personality, calm and sociable: they are very energic dogs, but you should constantly give them mental and…


Constipation of the dog after the surgery

What to do if the dog does not poop after the surgery If your four-legged friend got a surgery without complications, it is better to take it home leaving it…


White Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is born in Great Britain in the middle of the XIX Century thanks to Lord Tweedmouth, a Scottish nobleman that selected this breed for the first time….

Cat Dog

Pets and oxytocin, their connection

Many studies confirm the positive effects of having pets at home Pets are good for health and make us happy: many studies confirm that caressing a pet or watching videos…


The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog appreciated for its company and its sociable personality. It has an elegant look, a long and hydro repellent fur, its coat is flat…


Adopting a puppy with an old dog, our recommendations

How to manage the life between a puppy and an old dog In your home you have a dog that is becoming old and you are really thinking of adopting…


Small sized dogs for children

All the best small sized dog breeds for children Small sized dogs are the best choice for those who live in a flat, but these breeds are also the less…


Black Golden Retriever

It is very rare bumping in a Black Golden Retriever, also the ones referred as such should be Flat Coater retriever. The standard colors admitted for the Golden are the…


Golden Retriever price

The Golden Retriever is a British origin dog born in Scotland when Lord Tweedmouth in 1968, crossbreed a yellow Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel.It is born as a hunting…


Medium sized dogs for children

The best medium-sized dogs for children at home How can you choose the best dog breed for a child? It is important that the dog is properly socialized with children…


American Golden Retriever

Harmonious, equilibrated, active, the Golden Retriever is a strong dog with a gentle expression and an elegant look: obedient, intelligent, friendly and sociable, it is predisposed to work. In Italy…


Dogs for children

The best dog breeds for children If you have children at home and you like dogs, it is better if you pay attention on some specific features of our four-legged…


Golden Retriever Breeding

Golden Retriever are bug sized dogs, with long and waterproof fur, intelligent, empathetic, friendly and loyal. The origin of Golden Retriever Golden have a gentle and sweet physical appearance, with…


The best breeds for companion dogs

The best features for companion dogs Most of the people who decide to welcome a dog in their houses are looking for a companion dog, in order to make a…