The Sphynx Cat also called Egyptian cat, has a strong muscular structure and it is medium-large sized. Canadian Sphynx ears are very evident such as the cheekbones.

Its lack of fur is due to a recessive gene, even though there are many types of the Sphynx according to the total or partial lack of fur.

Sphynx peach effect: it has little fur that makes it similar to a peach or a chamois.

  • Sphynx rubber effect: it has a rubber and non-slip effect if you touch it.
  • Sphynx wax effect: it has a very greasy type of fur.

The most strange and particular feature of these animals is their wrinkles, particularly concentrated on the mouth. Given the absence of fur, these cats are very sensitive to low temperatures and burns. They are not cats suited for living in the open air, they should be kept inside instead, they can only go out with mild temperatures.

Characteristics of Egyptian cat without fur

A funny thing about these cats is their body temperature: it is very high, since they have no fur they have to keep a constant warm inside.

Also, they do not wash themselves, so they have to be washed frequently, since they have a very greasy skin. If you do not clean them they can develop infections and illness of the skin, but have no fear, washing them is a very easy task: the Sphynx love water, contrary to other felines.

Talking about allergies, you should bear in mind that this is not a completely hypoallergenic cat!Even this cat without fur can produce Fel D1 protein responsible of allergies in humans.

The price of the Sphynx ranges between 700€ for a companion cat up to 2500€ for a performance or reproductive one.

1 Characteristics of Egyptian cat without fur

Cat without fur, personality

The Sphynx is one of the most appreciated breeds, especially for its personality. It is not a classic independent and solitary cat, it loves to be in company, cuddles and hates being alone. It gets along with other animals and children for its meek and sociable temperament. It is also very intelligent and easy to train, so you can take it on a leash, according to temperatures. It is flexible and acrobatic, a kitty that draws attention on it and loves doing so with its lovely performances.