How many lives do cats have?

There are many legends about the number of lives our feline friends have. Among the most popular are the beliefs that associate 7 or 9 lives with cats. But is…


What to do if the dog vomits

Those who own a dog already know that it can often happen that our furry friend vomits, maybe from one moment to another and without too much notice. What to…


What happens if I don’t vaccinate my dog?

Whether for people or animals, the prevention of disease and health must have highest priority. To protect their health but also ours, it is important to give dogs the best…


What to do when the dog growls at the owner

For various reasons, our pets sometimes behave in ways incomprehensible to us. The least pleasant of all is when they growl. What can an owner do when the dog growls…


Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Anyone who owns a cat knows it well: yes to salad, but without cucumbers! It may sound ridiculous, and maybe it is a bit, but our cats really fear cucumbers….

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“Come”, “Sit”, “Land”: How to teach the dog the basic commands

The basic education of the dog is a real moment of sharing: the connection between dog and owner, in these moments, is total. It is, in fact, a job based…

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Foods forbidden to dogs: a vademecum

If you make a local mind, at least once in your life you have succumbed to the temptation to spoil your dog. How? Perhaps with a little home-made transgression, such…

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Cat Dog

Dogs and cats getting lost: what to do?

The first thing you do, often, when you adopt a puppy, is to teach them – dog or cat – not to run away. The reason is simple: a possible…

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Dogs and cats: how to make them to get along

Are they friends or enemies? Dogs and cats have always been considered typical antagonists, a bit like cat and mouse. But is this really the case? In many cases, the…


What do dogs dream about?

If you own a dog, you have probably noticed that often, while sleeping, he moves his paws, wrinkles his nose, blinks his eyes and sometimes even barks. This is not…


What do cats eat?

A rich and balanced diet is the best solution for your feline friend. That’s why it is good to know what cats eat, in order to choose the right diet…


How to teach “Stay” to your dog?

After teaching at our dog the commands “sit” and “down”, we have to teach him the “stay” command that has a substantial difference from the others. Here, we ask our…


How long do cats live?

One of the many questions that arise when adopting a feline friend is: how long do cats live? A domestic cat will get much more care and attention compared to…


All the perks of using a GPS for dogs

For us pet lovers, leaving our 4-legged friend to run free in the park next to the house, in a green field in the mountains or on a sunny beach…


Accuracy of GPS and integration of different technologies, for maximum precision

When choosing a pet tracker, one of the first characteristics to be taken into account is the GPS accuracy, in other words, the reliability of the system that makes geolocation…


How much data does the Kippy app use?

Many pet lovers looking for the perfect tracker write to us to find out how much mobile data is used on average by a tracking device. First of all, we…


What is the best parasiticide for dogs?

Are you looking for the best parasiticide for dogs? Here are the most highly recommended. The health of our furry friends must always be put first and they should have…


How do dogs see?

Can dogs really see like us? In this article, we will answer this question. One of the most frequently asked questions that arise when welcoming a dog into the family…


How do cats see?

Curious and decidedly nice, our feline friends are resourceful animals, arousing a great deal of interest in their behaviour and characteristics. Let’s find out how cats see. How cats see…


How to keep cats away?

Sometimes curious and adventurous kittens tend to spend too much time in our gardens, perhaps even causing some minor damage. Let’s find out how to get rid of cats who…


What do dogs eat?

Let’s find out what dogs eat and what is the best diet for their mental and physical health. Packaged or homemade? Dry or wet? Fruit or vegetables? There are many…


How are dog years calculated?

Let’s clarify how to calculate dog years without making mistakes. Over the years this very curious question has often been discussed: how do you calculate dog years? There have been…

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How long do dogs live?

Let’s find out together how long a dog’s life expectancy is. Unfortunately, as we well know, nothing is forever. When it comes to our pet friends, they can break our…


How to build a dog kennel

Making a DIY dog kennel? It´s not that difficult Passion for creativity? This article is perfect for you! In fact, below we will see how to build a kennel easily…


How many teeth do dogs have?

Let’s find out how many teeth dogs have. One of the many questions people ask themselves when owning a dog is: how many teeth does a dog have? It seems…

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Rescue dogs: four-legged heroes

When thinking about rescue dogs, the first images that comes to mind involve a Saint Bernard running in the snow or a Newfoundland Dog ready to dive into the water….

Dogs and the leash

Dogs and the leash: how to walk your dog

New dog owners often wonder how to teach their dogs to properly walk while on a leash. We all know that it is very important to walk our dog every…

Dog barking

Excessive barking: how to solve this problem?

My dog barks all the time, what can I do? Dog owners often have this question for their pet behaviour counsellor or veterinary behaviourist. The first thing to do is…

Dog retrieves an object

Why do dogs retrieve?

Dog owners might have noticed that their dog is retrieving objects and might have done so since puppyhood. Many dogs love bringing objects to their owner and they do that…

Dog eating sock

Why do dogs eat socks?

Sometimes dogs pick up things with their mouth and they might even eat things that should not be eaten, like clothing items, small objects, paper towels, etc. This type of…