Loyal and very linked to the owner, intelligent and affectionate, the furless cat is quite rare and expensive. The Sphynx is characterized by a meek and sociable personality and for the lack of fur on the coat: while there is no fur, there is little hair that makes it seem a peach if you touch it. Another feature are the wrinkles concentrated especially on the chin and the neck.

Furless cat, the coat

Furless and very sensitive to cold temperatures, the furless cat is very sensitive to sun and risk getting sunburns, but obviously it fears low temperatures and should live in an apartment. There are three different coat types in Sphynx: Rubber, Peach and Wax. Rubber is a type of coat that if you touch is similar to rubber, while Peach is similar to peach skin. Then Wax is similar to wax, but greasier. The coat of the furless cat can have many different colors and decorative pattern, even those with white. It means that that also coat with lighter fur can be admitted: this stain derives from che changes of color of the coat. It also has wrinkles concentrated especially around the mouth, the neck and the ears.

Furless spots in cat

Furless cat care

The furless cat needs particular care since its skin is particular sensitive to cold temperatures and sunrays. Since it is a furless cat it tends to suffer cold temperatures and should live in an apartment. At the same time, since it is a furless cat, it tends to suffer sunrays because they can burn its skin: it is recommended to protect it with a sunscreen. You should also clean it properly at least once every two weeks in order to remove the excessive buildup sebum. You should also clean the eyes at least twice a day and the ears once a week.