What food should we choose for our four-legged friend? Kibble is often the best choice in terms of safety, convenience and selected ingredients. There are many different types of dog food, which must of course be chosen according to the dog’s age, breed and general needs, as well as its weight, health condition, type of activity and, of course, any allergies. It is therefore necessary to choose dog food that is well-balanced and can guarantee the correct nutrients. High-quality dog food must be designed to satisfy the dog’s taste and, above all, its many nutritional requirements. 

Kibble for dogs

Choosing the right dog food is not easy: there are many different types, ranging from single-protein to hypoallergenic products and which contain meat or fish. High-energy kibble ensures constant and high-digestibility and can be hypoallergenic or single-protein, but there’s also grain-free kibble which can be ideal for combating food intolerances and sensitivities in our four-legged friends. You should also consider the size of the kibble, which can be large for medium-large dogs and small for mini and toy breeds to facilitate digestion. If you really want to make your dog happy, you can also combine kibble with wet food, which is certainly more appetising for your four-legged friend, even if it does not provide the right amount of energy and nutrition.

Dog food


How can we classify kibble? They are complete and balanced foods that are designed and manufactured to satisfy your dog’s taste, but also and above all their nutritional needs. They may contain beef or chicken meal and corn gluten and are rich in protein, which is necessary for the formation of muscles and antibodies.

Vegetable oils and animal fats, on the other hand, provide the correct amount of lipids, which beautify the dog’s skin and add flavour to the food.