A cat without fur? That’s not so rare since there are many cat breeds characterized by the absence of fur on their body: the Egyptian cat without fur is certainly the most spread among the breeds and it is traditionally associated to Sphynx, also known as Sphynx cat. It is a cat characterized by big ears, absence of fur, wrinkles on the skin and the forehead, chin, neck and it has deep eyes. Let’s see its features, a cat very affectionate and easy to train.

Egyptian cat without fur, its features

The Egyptian cat without fur is characterized by the absence of fur, the wrinkles on the skin, the chin, the neck and the forehead. There are three different types of coat: Rubber, Peach, Wax.

Rubber coat is characterized for its rubber skin that seems to let your hand slip.

Peach coat has a very soft skin, very similar to peach skin if you touch it.

Wax coat has a skin similar to wax, but a little bit fatter: it is a kind of coat that needs more care since it tends to become dirty faster compared to the other coat types.

Egyptian cat without fur

Egyptian cat without fur, how to take care of it

Since there is almost no fur, these types of cat are very sensitive to low temperatures, but also to burns. The Egyptian cat without fur should live at home, in a flat and only going out with mild temperatures. They are characterized by their very high temperature in order to compensate for the lack of fur. Contrary to the other at breeds, they do not wash themselves, so you should wash them often since their skin is very greasy. If you do not wash them properly they risk to get illness: they love water, so washing them is not hard. Even though the lack of fur it is important to remember that the Egyptian cat produces FEL D1 protein responsible for allergies in humans, so it is not a hypoallergenic cat.

Its personality

The Egyptian cat without fur is an extremely agile and intelligent cat, particularly fit for performances with judges, since it loves to be admired. It is also a perfect cat for living in an apartment and it is easy to train: it is an extremely intelligent cat that needs constant attentions from the owner. Nonetheless it does not always follow the owner orders, but it does not love to be alone too much, because it would suffer.