Small and annoying, fleas are parasites that drinks the blood from the host, so if you notice excessive scratching by your dog, it is constantly biting its fur and it seems relentless, it probably got fleas. In order to understand if your four-legged friend got fleas you should watch it closely, paying attention on the usual spots where these annoying parasites lurks: so, armpits, neck and stomach, but also genitals. If you have noticed your dog has clearly fleas, then you should act immediately. How to remove fleas from the dog? Let’s see how quickly act to solve this issue.

How to remove fleas from the dog

If you realized your dog has fleas you should act quickly to solve the issue. Start as soon as possible a treatment: you can also choose some homemade treatments, but is better using some specific products in order to have a good result. Let’s see how to remove fleas from the dog. You should buy everything from a specialized shop, which is to say an antiflea shampoo, a finely-toothed comb and an antiparasitic.

How to remove the fleas from the dog

In order to remove the fleas from the dog you should give it a warm bath, also a mild water one is fine, with the antiparasitic shampoo. Brush all parts of the body properly, but not the eyes and the very sensitive ears. Wash with a particular attention all the warm parts of the body, such as armpits, genitals, stomach, neck and all the damp parts where fleas love to lurk. As soon as you have finished you should use the antiparasitic finely-toothed comb to deeply brush the fur of the dog. Rinse it good and eliminate all the fleas you find around so they cannot infest the fur of the dog. After some days you can apply the antiparasitic vial on your dog, in order to protect it for 30 days.

1 How to remove the fleas from the dog

It is important to always protect your dog since fleas are around all year long. The vial should be used some hours later than the bath, but you can also use an antiparasitic collar or a pill. Once you have finished the procedure, you should properly wash the dog’s toys, sheets, fabrics and objects with warm water. Clean properly all the house with bleach so you can remove all the eggs left.