You decided to take a puppy cat without fur at home? A small and sweet cat without fur is a perfect cat for a flat: it seems to be completely furless, but actually it is not like that since its skin has a short hair concentrated on the long ears in particular, on the mouth, on the tail, on its feet. The cat without fur’s appearance is peculiar with its many wrinkles on the forehead, the chin, the neck.

Cat without fur, its personality

The cat without fur is a perfect cat for a flat: it is very sweet and affectionate and it loves to be at the center of attention. It looks for affection of the owner and it does not love living in solitude. The perfect choice would be a playful companion, so it can always have company.

Puppy cat without fur

Cat without fur, how to take care of the puppy

How should we take care of the puppy cat without fur? The puppy of furless cat is a little one that need all the attentions of other cats, maybe some more. Since it is furless (actually it has some short hair) it tends to suffer cold, but also it fears sunrays that could burn its skin. You should protect the puppy and you should take care of the eyes, cleaning them with a cotton swab at least once a week, so you can properly remove all the greasy brown secretion buildup in the inside. Even the puppy should be properly cleaned, every two weeks if necessary, since the skin of the Egyptian cat tends to be greasy and if you do not clean it some infections may arise. Bear in mind the motor abilities of the puppy cat are very complexes and they develop during the first two months of its life: you should always be careful when the puppy cat explores the new environment. When it starts to move outside the cathouse, it should do it in the same room in order to come back to it when it needs it. Try to always stimulate social interactions with humans or other animals, as well as the moment of play.