Need and comfort go hand in hand with the choice of a self-cleaning cat litter tray: When you decide to welcome a cat into your home, the first thing you need to do is buy a litter tray, which is an essential item for your cat to do its business. And with several models available, the self-cleaning litter box always ensures proper cleaning and requires little maintenance. Cleaning the litter box is essential not only to ensure your cat’s well-being, but also to prevent bacteria from forming in your home. But what are the characteristics of self-cleaning litter?

The characteristics of self-cleaning litter

The self-cleaning litter tray is a kind of electrical appliance that automatically cleans and disinfects the litter. The litter, which is needed to absorb the cat’s needs, must be placed inside the litter box. You can choose fine-grained litters, which are ideal for small cats because they are soft, or coarse-grained litters, which are suitable for larger cats and help to control odours better. Self-cleaning litter also needs to be placed in a quiet, private space and is ideal for those who spend a lot of time out of the house – but how does it work? It is a normal litter tray, but is larger than a conventional litter tray and has an effective automatic cleaning system. A rake is placed in the line, which is powered by an electrical system and is programmed to rake up the kitty litter, separating the dirty part from the clean part. It can then be disposed of directly or accumulated in a special tray.

Self-cleaning cat litter

The litter tray can be programmed to automatically rake from 5 to 20 minutes after the cat leaves the litter tray, but although it cleans itself, our intervention is required from time to time to remove any different litter. Also. It is necessary to clean it from time to time by changing the litter and washing it thoroughly with detergents that are not toxic to your cat. In this case, washable litter or agglomerating cat litter can be purchased.

Self-cleaning litter box models

There are two different types of self-cleaning litter, the automatic and the semi-automatic self-cleaning litter.

The automatic model should preferably be placed in the bathroom: every time it is used, it self-cleans and disinfects the litter automatically. The litter bin can be changed every 15-20 days.

The semi-automatic self-cleaning litter box, on the other hand, is activated by a lever or rake that passes through the litter and pours the solid contents into a separate litter box or into a bag that is closed to prevent the bad smell from spreading.