Among the most the most annoying and most spread parasites we have fleas, small insects that jump on the fur on the fur of our four-legged friend and survive sucking its blood that unwarily host them. Have you ever wondered if they also stick to men?

Fleas are small, very resistant and even if they spend their life cycle on the body of the host manage to infest the surrounding environment by hatching eggs all around. From there they can hit also people. Let’s see the symptoms of the fleas on men, but also how to act in order to eliminate them.

Dog fleas on men

Fleas are very small and resistant, but they manage to quickly infest the domestic environment by hatching eggs in order to directly hit men. A dog with fleas tends to constantly scratch itself, same as the men hit by these parasites. The strong itching and some small swollen areas are the classical symptoms, but the most sensitive subjects can be affected by allergic dermatitis. Actually, fleas prefer dogs, but they can be dangerous for men if they get into the house and they can therefore hit feets, ankles and calf. They cause strong itching on the subjected area and it can also become an ulcer.

Do fleas stick to men?

Having fleas at home means they have had all the time to be adults on the dog and then hatching many eggs in the environment. Fleas tend to bite the same area: they are flet stings, usually two or three in a row. In order to mend the pain you should use cold water in order to avoid more swollen areas by using a steroid cream you can by at a drugstore. If you have noticed some fleas bites you should have a bath in warm water and properly rinse your skin immediately. Wash your hair with an antiparasitic shampoo that you can buy at a drugstore the brush your hair with a finely-toothed comb in order to remove fleas and their eggs. Repeat this procedure at least twice a week if you still suspect you have fleas. A warm bath with an antiparasitic shampoo and brushing with a finely-toothed comb followed by antiparasitic application are the recommended treatment for your dog: bear in mind to use the antiparasitic every month of the year since fleas survive all year long.