Some breeds have an extra gear in terms of intelligence, we must recognize it. In order to determine which breeds are smarter, researchers have submitted different breeds to real intelligence tests: as expected, sheepdogs are the most versatile and mentally flexible, but results show some surprises.

Smaller dogs are smarter

Among smaller dog, the smarter are Papillon dogs, funny little dogs with unusual ears “butterfly” shaped.  These lively and curious dogs can catch danger or alert signals many meters away and they can be easily trained. Another smaller and smarter dog is the miniature poodle, very much loved by kids, with whom it can easily empathize.

The smartest among medium sized dogs

The very Brainiac is Border Collie, that has served for thousand years as sheepdog and has a restless and dynamic intelligence as well as its personality. Another dog very loved for its intelligence is the Australian shepherd, which has a very wide experience with herds and open spaces. Researchers have highlighted the great emotive intelligence of Dobermans, patient and responsible even with the little ones.

The smartest breeds

Large and extra-large sizes, who is the smartest?

Surely the smartest dog among large sized ones is German shepherds, always renowned for its efficiency and rigor. This breed takes its role very seriously, whatever it is, and it proves to be sage and reactive until old age. Similar to it we have the Golden Retriever, a wonderful big -sized blond dog with a childish personality: below its stubbornness and its will to play it hide a real Einstein. Among massive sizes, unfortunately, a very sharp intelligence can go along with a difficult character, such as the Caucasian Sheperd Dog, for which you may need special training.