The Chinese Crested Dog is one of the most famous hairless dog breeds. It is extremely easy to recognise due to its unmistakable appearance characterised by a long crest of hair on the top of its head, tail and legs. These dogs are certainly characterised by their unusual appearance and are extremely sociable and playful. Although it is categorised as a naked dog, it does have some hair on one side, especially on the head, legs and tail, which gives them their unmistakable appearance. It is a small dog that reaches a maximum weight of 6 to 7 kg in adulthood and maintains a refined and very elegant appearance.

Chinese Crested Dog, characteristics

The Chinese Crested Dog is a very elegant and intelligent dog. Around 1200 it was used to hunt mice on merchant ships, but then with the passage of time it was chosen for its playful nature and its appearance and its life became much less active than before.

Chinese Hairless Dog

The Chinese hairless dog is extremely alert, affectionate, cheerful and very playful. It is small in size and perfect for living in a flat. It is affectionate, suitable for living with children and docile. It is also very easy to socialise with other breeds, but suffers greatly from loneliness away from its family.  


The hairless Chinese dog requires special care. It should not be brushed and should only be washed when it is actually dirty. Due to its lack of hair, the hairless Chinese dog’s skin is particularly sensitive and it may also have breathing problems due to heat stroke. It is best to avoid walking the dog when it is very hot. It is an active dog, but not particularly fond of walking and should be encouraged to socialise with other dogs. Affectionate and affectionate towards its family, the Chinese hairless dog must be fed a proper diet with chicken and vegetables that will ensure the correct supply of amino acids that are perfect for their health.