Are you about to welcome a puppy into your home? Then you should know that you will need to purchase a whole range of items, including useful, if not essential, accessories for your four-legged friend. As well as food and bowls, there are many other items to buy for your dog. The same applies not only to your puppy, but also to your adult dog because these are accessories that affect his daily life. Let’s see which dog accessories are completely indispensable.

What are dog accessories?

There are many different types of dog accessories, ranging from the indispensable to the trivial.

Dog accessories

Dog bowls

Obviously, at least two bowls are a must, one for food and the other for water. Remember to always clean them before putting them back at your dog’s disposal.

Collar and lead

Collar and lead are essential: these accessories will need to be changed over the months as your puppy grows quickly. Naturally, the collar and lead should be adapted to the dog and its personality: a soft collar and a lightweight lead are fine for the puppy, but these accessories should be changed for the adult dog. The lead should not be too long because the dog needs to learn to walk alongside its owner.

Name tags

It is not compulsory, unlike the microchip, which is a kind of identity card for the dog, but it is highly recommended as it makes it easier to find the dog if it is lost. The dog’s name and the owners’ telephone numbers should be engraved on it.

1 Dog accessories

Brush and ear cleaning product

It is essential to take care of your dog’s hygiene by losing the habit of brushing him daily to remove excess hair. You can also buy a suitable shampoo and conditioner for bathing at home, but don’t forget a special product for cleaning the ears, which should also be done daily.

Anti-odour spray

Odour spray is useful for removing unpleasant odours from absorbent mats, but also from carpets and sofas, especially if your dog is a puppy.


It is essential for the dog to have its own toys, useful for its entertainment, but also to stimulate its intelligence. Not just the classic ball, but also soft toys as well.