GPS for dogs without subscription use different technologies, as we will see in the following paragraph. They can use the same technology of GPS with subscription, but without offering a complete and reliable package. Some of them are worth, but you will always feel like they lack something to be really efficient and smart as the ones with subscription. If your goal is to save money, you will rarely reach it without losing on quality and accuracy sides.

How does GPS for dogs without subscription work?

The first type of GPS for dogs without subscription uses the same technology of the ones with subscription, but their sim card it is not included in the package. So their rates may vary, you will use a pay-as-you-go rate and you will lose time trying to obtain a performative device. Other brands produce expensive devices that use radio GPS technology, some other Bluetooth plates that cover a few dozen meters.

Will I save money buying a GPS for dogs without subscription?

In some cases, GPS without subscription technologies may objectively be cheaper, but they do not offer the same coverage of the subscription ones. Those GPS devices that work with an external pay-as-you-go app you hae to bear in mind that these sim cards are not designed to be combined with such a device. Data usage may be expensive and they still will be less accurate in localization.

Is Kippy EVO a device without subscription?

It is worth buying a GPS for dogs without subscription?

Kippy EVO is a GPS for dogs with a full subscription. Once you buy the device to be attached to the collar and you activate the subscription, your only thought will be to recharge Kippy eve battery about once in ten days. The sim card supplied has been designed with an ad-hoc technology that uses GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth, so you can locate the furry one with the maximum accuracy inside as well as outside, and also to monitoring its activities. With the interactive app you can watch your dog anytime.