When you bring a cat into your home, you must also immediately purchase a cat litter tray. Cats are extremely clean and will always do their business in a litter box. This is an indispensable item that you must place in a strategic place where the cat feels comfortable and that can also be easily accessed for cleaning and maintenance. The litter box must be clean to accommodate your cat and to prevent the formation of bacteria. Its function reflects your cat’s need to hide from predators by hiding its excrement, but it is also true that some cats may prefer a little privacy. This is why the location of the cat litter box is important.

Closed cat litter box

If you are looking for an odour-eliminating litter, you may want to consider buying an enclosed litter box. But what are the advantages?

The advantages of an enclosed cat litter box

It offers the guarantee of being able to effectively contain odours and certainly guarantees greater cleanliness, as it prevents the cat from scraping up sand outside the space. Pleasant to look at, the closed cat litter box manages to contain odours as much as possible and also prevents litter from being scattered on the floor of the house.

Placed outside the home, it is just as convenient because it prevents cats from getting wet or dirty. There are, however, different sizes and shapes that can be chosen, square, shaped or angled, to best suit the space in your home. Whichever you choose, it must be placed in a safe place for your cat, but it is also true that your feline must be able to enter it very calmly. Closed litter boxes are equipped with a swinging door that the cat has to push in and out with its nose. This is the right choice for an adult cat, but not too big. But how can you tell if a closed litter tray is to your cat’s liking? You can try observing it. If your cat tends not to dirty or spread the sand outside of its litter tray, then the best choice is a closed one, which should be placed in a quiet and private place, away from noise.