A furless cat tattooed? A real cruelty that it is becoming a real trend, especially in Russia where this breed is born. Sphynx, Donskoy and Peterbald are among the most spread Russian breeds of furless cat, even if they are very rare. We are talking about  very expensive breeds characterized by a peculiar physical appearance oft he cat: wrinkled, with big eyes, furless. For some time now this trend of a tattooed furless cat is spreading in Russia.

Tattooes on a furless cat

A tattoo on a furless cat seems tob e a real cruelty that has caused some animalists‘ protests, unfortunately no one seemed to have considered them. It all started in Russia, land oft he Sphynx. It seems there are many Sphynx and Dnskoy owners that are contacting professional tattoo artist in order to give their puppies some tattoos. A cruel choice made by some people that have thought Sphynx skin is particularly similar to men’s skin.

Furless tattooed cat

The controversy

The controversy has broken out few days ago when a young Russian tattoo artist has made a tattoo on its furless cat and then it has shared on socials all the painful procedure. This video has broken again the controversies. Even if the naked cat has a friendly personality, it is hard being still for two hours undergoing a treatment such as the one of a tattoo only for an owner whim. It means that also the cat is subjected to anesthesia and not for a necessary medical procedure. Anesthesia has been administered by the very tattoo artist, he has also admitted it was a real risk doing it in an homemade way. A calculated risk according to his words, justified by the fact in Russia these naked cats are a real status symbol and everyone want to personalize them according to the owner’s will.