Fleas at home? That’s the terror of dog’s owners, who fears that their four-legged friends could take fleas at home: home infestation of fleas is a very difficult one to tackle.

Fleas bites can also trigger allergic reactions in dogs and humans: in order to avoid unfortunate issues, it is always necessary to protect our four-legged friend with a proper antiparasitic that should be applied all year long. But how can we identify the origin of the infection and how should completely eliminate fleas from your home? Let’s see how to do it.

Fleas infestation at home, where do they come from

It is always fundamental to uncover what has been the origin of fleas’ infestation at home: it is highly likely they have been unintentionally introduced at home by your four-legged friend, which could have been infected by some other animals. In order to detect where the fleas are concentrated for the most you should look for their feces. They are black or dark red and they are situated where you will find more fleas. As soon as you realize your dog has been infested by fleas once it is home, it is necessary to identify where are they concentrated for the most. Do some proper cleaning since fleas love to be in dark, dry and warm places such as doghouses, furniture and beds.

Fleas for dogs living at home

Quickly wash with warm water everything that could have been in contact with your dog, even doghouses, sheets and washable fabrics in home décor. Use the vacuum properly on all the floors, empty the dust bin in the trash bin and take it out of home immediately. Then proceed to disinfection using chemicals or natural products according to your preferences.

You can choose among vinegar or electrics traps that can attract and eliminate fleas or also the pyriproxyfen, an effective solution, which is not toxic for mammals. It is a substance that is used once a week and stimulate hormones of young fleas in order to avoid them becoming adults and the eggs to hatch.