If we talk about cat without fur or naked cat we are referring to Canadian Sphynx in particular, the most spread cat without fur breed. It is a cat that seems not having fur, but actually its skin is covered by an invisible hair. If you caress a cat without fur you will feel like doing it on a peach, but it can be slightly different according to the cat’s coat. Is there a black cat without fur? Certainly, it exists, even if it is slightly less spread compared to Canadian Sphynx. Despite the coat, the personality is the same: intelligent, lively, the cat without fur is an affectionate cat that loves its owner.

Cat without fur, the coat

There are many types of cat without fur: we have so many different colors and design of them, white ones included. It is not so rare that you will encounter a black cat without fur or one with small dots of black scattered on the coat that gives it a true elegance. Beyond the color you can distinguish different types of coat of the cat without fur, but mainly there are three types.

Black cat without fur

Rubber ones seems like rubber if you touch them, almost like a non-slip material. Peach coated ones is characterized by a soft skin, same as you touch a peach. If we talk about Wax coated ones, then we are caressing a cat with a skin very similar to wax.

All of them are cats that suffers cold since they have no fur: their fur is like human skin and it is extremely sensitive to sun to the extent that it risks sunburns. It is fundamental washing it very frequently, even once every two weeks, since its skin tends to become dirty very quickly due to protective sebum it produces. You should pay particular attention on the ears that should be cleaned with cotton by eliminating once a week the greasy brown secretion buildup. You should also clean the eyes at least twice a day with a cotton swab very carefully.