Golden Retriever puppies are among the most sought after and appreciated dogs in the world. They are very calm and it is quite easy co-habiting with them, because Golden Retriever are among the most sought after and appreciated dogs in the world.

They are very calm, it is easy living with them if we know how to manage them and especially if they have been raised in a proper way during their first months of life. It has a nice and sociable nature, even with strangers, dogs or humans, so it is a perfect companion for those who are first timers with dogs, puppies in particular.

Golden Retriever puppies

It does not mean that everything goes smoothly, since these puppies are very playful and sociable with all their energies, so we should channel this energy in a proper way, setting also some limits. Luckily Golden Retriever puppies are very intelligent and learn quickly, but we should bear in mind their nature and not show too much strength or violence, it would only become fearful and it is not good neither for you nor them.

Golden Retriever puppies are perfect companions for children and remain playful until 3 or 4 years of age, so they can grow up with the children. This kind of dog does not like solitude, but love being in company and want to stay always with the owner and his family.

1 Golden Retriever puppies

One of the most common recommendation when someone wants to adopt a Golden Retriever is to contact farms that have a good reputation, because this breed tends to suffer from some genetic hereditary diseases such as dysplasia and ocular pathologies. The farm should therefore pay attention and select reproducers without these hereditary features that can show up in time and compromise the health and the mood of the dog and of the adopting family.