A cat without fur Is quite rare, but recently it is not like that, it is more and more spread even if it is a peculiar cat. It is characterized by apparent the absence of fur, since it is glabrous with little hair all over its body. Another feature of the furless cat are the wrinkles concentrated on the forehead, around the chin and on the neck. Its eyes are big and very deep. Let’s see in detail some of the features of the furless cat, along with the different breeds.

Furless cat, the breeds

The absence of fur in cats is probably caused by a spontaneous mutation of the recessive gene known as hr that can be transmitted to an entire generation without visible effects. Another common feature to all furless cat breeds is their extreme sensitivity. Furless cats suffer low temperatures and risk getting sunburns: that is why they should live in an apartment and going out only with mild temperatures while being always under protection. But which are the most spread furless cat breeds? The most renowned is the sweet and intelligent Canadian Sphynx, that loves being with its owner. The elf cat is meek and affectionate, but also active and very lively. It is characterized by long ears and its predisposition for being in company.

Cat breeds without fur

The Kohana is often considered as the only furless cat, since it is completely naked: it has no hair follicles and it has many wrinkles. It is a very expensive breed that needs particular care, since the puppies cannot eat due to the wrinkles. So, you should assist them during the weaning. The furless Peterbald shows a narrow and long head, webbed feet, and a rat-like long tail. It is a cat that you feel around you, it does get along ell with humans. The American puppy is characterized by the wrinkles, the short legs and its small figure. It is perfect for the children. The Donskoy breed is almost similar to the Sphynx, it is a cat without fur extremely sociable and particularly fit for family life with children.