If you have a cat at home then you know how important it is having a good litter at home, one of the most relevant for cat lovers. Cats are very clean animals that tend to use the litter only to relieve themselves, thanks to a sand bottom, it is also very far from food and water, but also places to rest. This behavior is taught by their mum during the first weeks of their lives. Choosing a good litter for size, shape and model is therefore a priority when you take a dog at home.

How to place cat litter

How should we place a cat litter? The litter should be placed in an ideal place for the cat, so it can be comfortable: it is important to understand when the cat is relieving is the most vulnerable. That is why it will always look for a comfortable place it could flee from if it has fears of something. Then litter should be placed in a safe spot, calm ad quiet (next to the washing machine, for example, etc.)

Cat litter

Litter shape

There are many types of litter: the covered ones guarantee more safety, but some cats refuse it since the model does not allow them to flee, since it has a door. It is important that the cat can use a litter big enough to dig freely after having relieved itself.

Cleaning it

Litters should be always cleaned every two days, filling them with new and clean sand once you have removed feces and urines. It is better cleaning the litter with a mild detergent and warm water or a specific disinfectant: it is necessary rinse it properly before the cat uses it.

Types of litters

Litters for cats divide into two different categories, fine-grained ones and coarse-grained ones. Fine-grained ones are indicated for small cats or puppies since they are soft and they can easily dig in them. Some cats may prefer more resistant sands, also coarse-grained litters better cover the smells.