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GPS collar

A GPS collar is a special type of collar which allows you to track your four-legged friend’s activities and to identify his exact location using your smartphone. Thanks to the…

Cat Dog

Dog and cat GPS tracker

The dog and cat GPS tracker will help you sleep soundly because it ensures that you can track your dog or cat at all times, while giving them the freedom…


Best guard and companion dog

Best guard and companion dog? What exactly are you looking for? That’s not to say that an excellent guard dog can’t also be an excellent companion dog. On the contrary,…


Dog tracker: the satellite collar

Permanently locate your dog and track them without any worries? It’s easy thanks to the dog tracker, a special and innovative satellite collar that works as a tracking system specifically…

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Tick spray

Cat and dog ticks are extremely small, if not almost invisible to the naked eye, but at the same time they can attach themselves to the animal and suck its…

Cat Dog

GPS animal trackers

Tracking your pet’s movements with the knowledge that you can find it if it gets lost or runs away is possible with the pet GPS tracker. This is a small…


GPS for hunting dogs

If GPS is a useful satellite tracker for all dogs, so that they can be traced should they get lost, GPS for hunting dogs is even more important. But what…


Tick repellents for dogs

Ticks are external parasites that can be extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends because they can cause very serious diseases. It is therefore important to protect our dogs with the…


Corsican dogs for mating

Are you thinking about looking for a pedigree Corsican dog for mating? You will need to assess several elements. What is the best time for mating? What characteristics should you…


SIM plan (price plans for sim with only necessary network for GPS dogs)

Losing your dog can be distressing and painful, but to avoid this you can choose a collar with a GPS device to monitor your dog and know exactly where he…


Radio locator (what it is and what it is for)

Knowing in real time, but also recording and storing the exact position of people, cars, motorbikes or animals? It’s easy if you decide to use a radio locator. Whatexactly is…


Dementia in dogs

If your dog is getting older and begins to show changes in behavior, seems disoriented and confused, they may unfortunately be suffering from dementia. How to deal with dementia in…


Colored puppy collars

Dog collars? This is an important item that must be worn by the dog from puppyhood. It is important that the dog learns to tolerate the collar because it is…


Grandmother’s remedies for cats on heat

Constant meowing and restlessness, uninterrupted rubbing against legs and people. These are the main symptoms of cats in heat, which are often very difficult to manage. But what are grandmother’s…

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GPS App: tracking apps

GPS tracking? It is undoubtedly very useful if you want to monitor the movements of people, children or the elderly, but also pets. All you need is a simple GPS…


GPS for dogs under the skin

Have you ever heard of GPS for dogs under the skin? Perhaps you have, but it’s not actually a real device. It indicates two different types of products available for…


Locator for Alzheimer’s seniors

Locating the exact position ofsomeone can also be useful if it’s an elderly family member, mum, dad and grandparents, who may be suffering from memory loss and have health problems….

Cat Dog

GPS collar: tracking gps

Want to know where your four-legged friend is at all times? It’s possible with a GPS collar, a specific device that uses special technology to keep track of your pet’s…


Microchip for dogs with GPS

Talking about a dog microchip with GPS can be very confusing because it’s actually a device that does not exist. Many people believe that the dog microchip also has GPS,…


GPS chips for dogs

How can you prevent your dog from getting lost? It’s a good idea to do everything you can to avoid this, but the risk exists and in the event of…


French bulldog vegetables

Small, friendly and very affectionate, the French Bulldog or French Bouledogue is a dog with a compact and massive build, ‘bat-like’ ears and a flattened muzzle. Affectionate and sociable, it’s…


Cat GPS collar

Anyone who has had a cat knows that they are not easy animals to keep under control. For this reason a GPS cat collar can be very useful for those…


Amazon dogs GPS without subscription

In the world of satellite collars, prices vary greatly from model to model, and buying an Amazon dog GPS without a subscription is certainly one of the most sought-after options…


GPS small dog collar

The small dog GPS collar is a seemingly simple device that offers a wealth of features to help pet owners take better care of their pets. It is not just…


Purebred female dogs

Are you thinking of getting a dog at home and do you think that choosing a female dog is the best thing to do? Then all you need to do…

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Are you afraid of losing your dog? The solution to keep your dog under control, monitor him at all times and track him down if he gets lost or runs…


Gift chihuahua I can no longer keep

Gift chihuahua I can no longer keep: How many times have you come across an ad like this? It is an ad that you can often find on classifieds sites….


How to get your cat used to the collar

A GPS tracker can be very useful but you may well have doubts as to how to get your cat used to the collar. Cats are generally resistant to any…


Amazon GPS cat tracker

Amazon GPS cat tracker’s are now available and work in a similar way to that used for dogs. For those familiar with locators usually used in the context of hunting…


GPS dog collar price: GPS pet tracker price

It is not easy to give a straightforward answer to the question of what the price of a GPS dog collar might be, because this category includes products that are…